NYE..Parties Parties everywhere…… but where?

You’ve all decided to make Las Vegas your port of call to bring in 2011! Airline tickets…..check……Hotel….. Check……now comes the tough choice. Where are we going to lay down all of the funds we received after taking out the second mortgage on the home for over priced bottles of liquor while fist pumping to Far East movements ” Like a G6″.

I have seen so visitors to Vegas spend top dollar planning their vacation that the most important item they should be planning is which nightclub they plan on attending and most importantly, which VIP service they should use.  Wait!  did I say VIP Service?   I know you are all wondering why should you use a VIP Service, you can simply pick up the phone and dial the club direct and get a reservation.

Here’s where I get the biggest chuckle…….

REALLY?   You think it’s that easy?  Let’s do the math.  150,000+ visitors are coming to Las Vegas.  10 nightclubs which will be in the most demand.  Nightclub capacity combined, 8,800.

Ok, so you called the club and they took your credit card number.  If you’re not seated at “your” table by 10:30 pm they will sell your table to whoever is already there ready to pay. Arriving in front of the club by 10:3o pm doesn’t count,  you actually have to get the attention of one of four VIP hosts with clipboards and at this time you will be one of hundreds that are trying to do the same thing.  Is the stress really worth it?

Ok, I may be coming off a little harsh, and I apologize, but it’s the reality.  We aren’t in Duluth. How Clubs work where you’re from is not how they work here.

This is why my company is so successful here in Las Vegas.   Let me explain.

Once you reach out to us we will take the time to go over all of your nightlife options.  We already completed all the footwork and know exactly what each club is charging for tables and entry as well as who will be hosting that NYE event.  The more popular the celebrity host the more expensive your evening will be.

Personally,  every club serves the same Grey Goose Vodka,  Plays the same music and all will have the same crowd attending.  So depending on your budget, let us help you decide where you will be calling in the New Year!

We will build you a custom all-inclusive VIP Package which will consist of all costs for the evening.  Our VIP Hosts will be at the venue long before opening taking care of all payables and securing your table.  Now, when you arrive at the venue, our VIP Hosts will meet you and personally walk you past the ropes directly into the club slowing down only to show your ID’s.  Once you arrive at your table, you’ll notice your bottles will be ready and it’s party time. You won’t have to reach into your pocket for a dime since the entire evening is prepaid prior to your arrival!

Reach out and give us a call…… or head to our website at www.702connections.com and fill out a “party request” form.

We have VIP Open Bar packages, VIP Entry only packages and some amaizing VIP BOTTLE service packages that even offer unlimited bottles all night long!

I can’t tell you how many visitors to Vegas this year will be snubbed at the door to the clubs and will be standing in Line at the countdown , saying Happy New Year to the newly found friend who are waiting in line with them…..

I know  years from now when people ask where you counted down the New year 2011, the last thing you want to say is…. “standing in line trying to get into PURE nightclub”

Give us a shout……. I guarantee you will have the most amazing Vegas VIP Experience!

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Rihanna to Host Pure Nightclub New Years Eve Las Vegas

New Years Eve 2011 at PURE Nightclub Las Vegas is a Red Carpet Affair! PURE Nightclub is still one of the hottest Nightclubs on the Las Vegas Strip, and this year, PURE will host one of the most amazing New Years Eve events of 2011. PURE Nightclub, inside of Caesars Palace Las Vegas, will ring in this New Years with the lovely RIHANNA. RIHANNA is one of the hottest entertainers on the planet, and will host a VERY special New Years Eve Gala at the world-famous PURE Nightclub Las Vegas! Don’t miss your opportunity to ring in the New Years with RIHANNA at PURE Nightclub in the party capitol of the world, Las Vegas!

Be prepared for a special Guest DJ appearance. An A-List guest-list expected in attendance. THIS EVENT WILL ABSOLUTELY SELL OUT. PLEASE BOOK YOUR TABLE IN ADVANCE!

guarantee your entry and or Table service for this epic event.

Book with a VIP Service to absolutely guarantee your night!


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Turning Las Vegas Inside…Out

This is what the Strip will look like outside the Cosmopolitan Hotel on December 15th as Brandon Flowers in concert will be gracing the marquee. Hope they set up a few beer stands nearby...

We’ve always wondered why the rest of the Strip (and even off-Strip) hotels don’t do this. Maybe they will now.

The Cosmopolitan seems to understand the concept that what is going on inside the resort in real time–in the clubs, in the concert venues, around the pool–is a lot more exciting than static pictures or play-repeat-play-repeat footage on a resort’s outside marquee.

The Cosmo hasn’t even opened yet and already appears to have a game-changing attitude, particularly when it comes to their giant 65-foot digital video marquee positioned along the Strip. From the sounds of it, the Cosmopolitan is using their resort as a huge, interconnected television studio where many of the entertainment venues are almost like sound & video stages found in TV production companies.

For example, besides having a cutting edge and stellar lineup of entertainment planned for the grand opening and New Year’s Eve events, the hotel will be broadcasting the concerts in real-time to passers-by on the Strip on that sexy vid marquee of theirs.

So, during the grand opening concert-by-the-pool on December 15th you may not be able to grab any of the hard-to-come-by tickets for Killer’s front-man Brandon Flowers but you’ll be able to watch him perform songs from his recent solo album while hangin’ in front of the hotel. Talk about a street party!

During New Year’s Eve you’ll be able to see both Cold Play and Jay-Z perform in the resort’s ballroom without having to brave the crowds inside which means you’ll still be part of the festive atmosphere. And this Inside/Out concept isn’t just for the big performers as the Cosmo will be doing the same thing for other bands and entertainment acts as they appear on various hotel stages.

We may be off on this whole idea but to us this is the ultimate buzz-generator–showing the party that’s going on inside the hotel has got to be inviting, doesn’t it?

It would seem like Mandalay could easily do this for their concerts-by-the-pool, House of Blues happenings and the big-time concerts in the Mandalay Events Center. Mandalay might not have enough foot/car traffic on their end of the Strip but MGM Resorts owns so many prime properties in the middle of the action that a huge vid board showing real-time content from various MGM properties would surely be an attention grabber. I know we wouldn’t mind it at all if Harrah’s displayed their real-time entertainment goods on the screens in front of Bally’s. It would sure make the Flamingo traffic light a lot more friendlier and interesting.

And why stop at concerts? Bits and pieces of top boxing and UFC matches would certainly be welcome and possibly some look-ins on headliner shows like Cher, Viva Elvis and, Donny & Marie (maybe if I saw a sample I might actually go to it).

Or, taking it a step further, let the club-goers be the stars. Throw some cameras into Pure, Tao and Haze and show us that there really is fun going on, not just all marketing hype. Of course, the VIP’s might not want their space invaded–and that’s fine, leave the cams out of those areas–but all those sexy babes in their club-goin’ slutwear who go crazy when a Napkin Nights camera comes close will put on some excellent shows if they know they will be a 5-second star on the fabulous Las Vegas Strip (note to video engineer–you might want a 7-second delay on that feed just in case they get a little too frisky).

Granted, the Cosmopolitan is a self-contained entity and appears to have pre-wired the resort with the hotel-as-a-TV-studio concept in mind but it seems like such a good idea that I would bet we’ll see it spring up on the Strip in other places before too long.

Let’s get rid of this outdated notion that what happens here stays here–it hasn’t been like that for years–and change it to what happens here gets broadcast here, on state-of-the-art marquees up and down Las Vegas Boulevard. And why stop there? Hell, what better worldwide marketing would there be for Las Vegas than to put the feed on the internet and open up the party to everyone? We’re gonna bet that the Cosmopolitan is at least considering it…

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That Dam Bypass!

Well, it’s finally open. Officials were pretty coy about the opening of the Hoover Dam bypass bridge late in October saying  it would be open before the end of the month, probably in the middle of the night. And then they went ahead and opened it without fanfare or notice on a weekday night around 10 p.m. Sneaky, sneaky.

While Las Vegas loves big and overblown grand openings for its casinos, nightclubs and fancy smancy restaurants, dam officials didn’t want a whole bunch of gotta-see-it-exactly-when-it-opens people clogging up the entrances to the bridge so they ran a decoy play, fooling everyone into thinking one thing but doing another. Good job, guys!

And now the $240 million technological wonder is open for biz (1/2 of the $240 mil. was for the bridge and 1/2 for the 4-lane highway on each side).

This means, that by taking the Mike O’Callaghan-Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge you can shave some time off your U.S. 93 Vegas-to-Phoenix trip and catch some cool views of Hoover Dam along the way. Truckers are gonna love it ’cause, since 9/11, security concerns over a big ol’ truck full of explosives blowing up our pride-n-joy dam ran high enough to send the big rigs on a 75-mile detour, forcing illegal alien/drug smugglers to carry extra Jarritos soft drinks & Gusanitos Luminosos (which, as you know, are glowing gummy worms that come with electrical tweezers, of course). The detour was quite inconvenient all around.

The bridge is destined to become a tourist attraction as it’s supposed to be both cool to look at and cool to look from and is already part of 2-for-1 Hoover Dam tour packages, I’m sure. About 14 percent of tourists to Southern Nevada visited areas beyond the Strip, and Hoover Dam was the No. 1 off-Strip attraction. Nearly 800,000 people paid to tour the Hoover Dam last year. And the dam folks expect those numbers to increase now that the bridge is complete. In 2000, before the dam was closed to truck traffic, 1.2 million people paid to tour it. So now, tour operators are combining the two attractions into one trip. I’d bet there’s already a discount coupon for it somewhere.

Ya know, at first I was really happy that the wacky Decepticon leader, Megatron, didn’t obliterate Hoover Dam as that would have really messed up the Southern Nevada tour business. But now I’m thinking that maybe they were waiting for this bypass bridge to be built so they, too, could get a “2-for-1”. I’d put the area on Orange Alert (at least) immediately if it were up to me. Oh, and have Optimus Prime on standby.

So…where was I? Oh, yeah, the new bridge. Before the Decepticons return and destroy the thing(s) you oughta take a look at it ’cause it’s supposed to be purty (see photo, left) and also kinda special, in engineering terms, at least. Here are some factoids I stole from a much harder working journalist than I: The bypass is the first concrete-steel composite arch bridge built in the United States, and is considered something of an engineering wonder. It spans a jaw-dropping 2,000-foot gorge and hovers a breathtaking 900 feet above the Colorado River. It is 1,900 feet long, with a 1,060-foot-long arch, the longest of its kind in North America. More than 20,000 vehicles are expected to roll over the bridge each day.

Wow, it’s gives my engineering side a woody just thinking about it. Unfortunately, my engineering side is very small but that kinda works out OK since my woody is, too.

Anyway, the bridge is named after a popular former Nevada governor (currently, “popular” and “governor” don’t run together when discussing Nevada) who ruled the state in the ’70’s and also an ex-pro-football-player-turned-Army-Ranger who was maybe accidentally killed by so-called friendly fire in Afghanistan. That part is bad enough but there was a U.S. military cover-up and the whole thing continues to be a big mess. Tillman went to Arizona State University so I suppose that was Arizona’s 1/2 of the naming of the bridge although the two names together don’t seem to be an ideal fit for some reason. I kind of think we oughta name the Nevada part after current Guv Jim Gibbons since so many in the state seem to want to frag him, too, but I guess the name of the structure is etched in stone by now.

To check the bridge out, head out on I-515/U.S. 93/95 towards Hoover Dam and follow the signs. If you want to read a little background on the project, here’s the official Hoover Dam Bypass Project website.

the 13th wonder of the world??

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MGM Resort Fees, Harrah’s Pooch Policy

You probably heard the news, well if you don’t live in Vegas, and if you don’t read the travel section of your local newspaper then you probably haven’t heard.  Well MGM Resort’s high-end luxury property, Bellagio, will start charging those evil resort fees starting in 2011. While it was the Bellagio that made the news, the larger picture is that every MGM property in Las Vegas will start charging resort fees in 2011. In fact, the Aria at CityCenter has just started charging guests for all sorts of things they may or may not not use, including access to the spa, gym, and internet. Oh, and sometimes a copy of Vegas’ wonderful local newspaper which makes the charge acceptable (not!).

While the Bellagio hasn’t announced exactly how much that fee will be, the fairly comparable Aria announced a rate of $20 per day so speculation is that the Bellagio will be similar. Here’s a list of resort fees charged at Las Vegas resorts.

MGM boss Jim Murren claims that resort fees are a convenience for consumers and that there hasn’t been any backlash against them. In fact, Murren says, “resort fees are gaining quite a bit of traction” and, in fact, generated $20 million for MGM Resort in the 3rd quarter alone for the gaming giant.

Well, traction and acceptance are two different things so we’ll see if there’s a silent backlash against MGM properties and a tide of business flowing over to Harrah’s resorts. Earlier this summer the 2nd largest hotel room presence on the Strip announced that they have a company-wide “no resort fee” policy and have even started a Facebook page on the subject which is essentially a call-to-arms for those that want to help fight these types of fees (or a call to arms for people to stay in Harrah’s resorts).

In other Harrah’s news… Las Vegas hotels haven’t traditionally been all that pet-friendly (except to Mike Tyson’s tiger) but that’s changing a bit. If you want to bring your under-50-pound pup to Vegas, Harrah’s will let the mutt join you in your room if you stay at Caesars, Imperial Palace or Rio for around $20-$25. According to the Harrah’s “Pet Stay” website, the pampered pooches “are greeted by several canine-friendly in-room amenities including a mat, food and water dishes, disposable waste bags and dog treats.” There are also “outdoor relief areas” provided (and a new slew of associated jobs, perhaps as part of the Restroom Attendant department), dog walking routes and “specialty room service menus” (the Milk Bone ala’ Mode looks yummy!).

So, if you just can’t live without man’s best friend for a few days, bring ’em along for the fun. However, should aparty end up in your room can ya please stash the li’l fellow in the bathroom? It’s always kinda unsettling to be checked out by those canine eyes while we’re doing things to “mommy”, not knowing for sure if the ‘nads are safe or not.

Now, are ya looking to save a few bucks on hotel rooms in Vegas…….. Check out 702Connections.com… they are able to book you wholesale rates on all of the Harrah’s resort properties!!!

Consider them Priceline.com without having to bid or wondering what hotel you will be staying in tonight!


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