Welcome Cosmopolitan……Wait, The owners name is “Unwin”????

Besides all the offbeat and unusual marketing ideas the resort has come up with and which we are loving, perhaps the real sentiment stems from the fact that this is probably the last of the mega-growth resorts that will be opening in Las Vegas for some time to come….probably a decade or more, says the experts.. But wait… What about the fontainebleau project???   80% complete and the tallest hotel on the strip yet it sits idle as another failed project. CityCenter just squeaked by in it’s opening, complete with selling out 50% of the project to an state-owned Arab company and leaving the chopped-down Harmon Hotel as nothing more than an empty shell. But hey, they opened, at least (although they are figuring out that the unfriendly design kinda resembles an airport terminal). The Cosmopolitan was even closer to a death knell with their bankruptcy and all but they actually opened which allows a lot of us Vegas locals to give a big ol’ sigh of relief. We’ve had enough to be embarrassed about lately–we didn’t need the Cosmo to fall flat on its face. Of course, there won’t be any new major construction for a long time (unless it’s a freakin’ stadium–hint, hint!) but if we can grow into our growth over the next decade then we’ll be doing pretty well. Anyway, for right now, at least, it’s all happy, happy as we’ve got a new resort opening and we can be proud for at least a month or so (until the preliminary financial reports start filtering back). So here’s and article on the “designed-to-be-fun” Cosmopolitan Hotel and here’s a video tour of the place hosted by the Cosmopolitan CEO John Unwin…. UNWIN????  I’m sorry…….  Dude, with all that money,  might you of thought perhaps you might want to legally change your last name or at least modify it?  Gamblers are oh, I don’t know…. superstitious?   Hmmmm then again, you can’t really modify it to just WIN,  yeah someone beat ya to it…… anyways, happy days are here again! At least for a minute or two…

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