Fantasy or Reality…..looks like Reality….

The huge Las Vegas event known as the Fetish & Fantasy Ball (a.k.a. The Halloween Ball) has moved yet again. We thought it had finally found a semi-permanent home at the Joint in the Hard Rock but, after a couple of years, thankfully we were wrong.  After the last two years of us trying to stay positive about the event being moved to this location we have been less then thrilled at the outcome.  Taking what was an “underground” party and commercializing it by throwing it in the Hard Rock to the Fantasy and Fetish out of this Ball.   It just became the worlds largest Halloween Costume party,  seriously,   dozens of “Borrats” in lime green slingshot suits?  kitty cats to oompa loompas to omg seriously the Chillian Miners?   Where’s the Fetish? So the move is welcome with open arms by us!

So, now it’s on to the South Point Hotel & Casino (about 10 miles south of the Strip on Las Vegas Boulevard and, incidentally, totally debt free!) and their Arena & Equestrian Center which is large enough to hold rodeo events, basketball games and motocross championships.

The F&F Ball has always had a difficult time remaining in one place. Sometimes the event is too sexy for the venue (more on the sexiness factor, below), sometimes the sheer size of the event simply overwhelms the facilities and more-than-sometimes a friction develops between Jeff, the promoter/organizer, and the people that run the venue.

It looks like the Hard Rock fell into the latter category if, like us, you glean the meaning of this line from the latest F & F press release: “With (holding the event at the South Point and) it’s mid-size arena and multitude of convention space, we are able to get back to what we do best, great Halloween Parties, with all the benefits of being at at top quality venue, but with less of the pretentious interference we’ve been experiencing the last few years“.

We’re not sure it’ll be any better at South Point as, while they are most likely less pretentious, we’re not sure they can handle the sexy costumes and the edgy BDSM entertainment offerings the F & F Ball offers.  We shall see.

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